Business Finance Health Check


Business Finance Health Check

Financial health check is performed to analyse a company’s financial health. It is often necessary to assess how well the business is performing in comparison with the rest of the industry as a whole so that managers can identify the root cause of the problems.

The best way to start is by looking at the financial estimates for your company/business. Checking financial statements and comparing the forecasts/estimates with the actual monthly performance while also help in benchmarking the business. This helps to compare its performance metrics with the rest of the industry. Reviewing company operational costs, reviewing staffing, equipment and monthly payments allows identification of areas where changes can be put into practice. It also helps to determine the areas of business which are efficient/productive or inefficient/unproductive. One can see where costs can be cut or increased while looking at which of your customers or clients make your business the largest sums is also important.

We help to assess finance health of your business by conducting Review of Balance Sheet, P& L, Cash Flow Statements. Some Key questions:

Do you have enough capital for your business?

Where is your capital blocked?

What costs are impacting your profitability?

Is your debt sustainable ?

Does your business have enough liquidity?

Does your business give reasonable return on investments?


At FinRisk Doctor, we help you by offering advice on improving your financial wellbeing and help by offering customised financial solutions.



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