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FinRisk Doctor also works as a plug and play polyclinic with tie-ups with various  intermediaries  be it financial advisors/ consultants/ PE Funds, Banks, CA firms, insurance advisors etc  who will work with you to help you in your financial matters through FinRisk Doctor.


Business Finance Health Check

Financial health check is performed to analyse a company’s financial health. It is often necessary to assess how well the business is performing in comparison with the rest of the industry as a whole so that managers can identify the root cause of the problems.

Individual Finance Health Check

Your overall financial health is comprised of many elements, from learning how to live within a budget, to building good credit history, controlling debt & excessive spending, developing short & long-term financial goals, and learning to invest.

Debt Management

Borrowing helps you finance your needs be it a house, kid’s education, a car or any specific need including your business.

Finance Education, Training & Coaching

We conduct training and workshops on Corporate Finance, Personal Finance and Risk for Corporates and Individuals.

Personal Finance Guidance & Restructuring

Personal Finance restructuring refers to helping you align your personal finance situation in line with your personal financial goals which would involve realigning your debt, realigning your investments so you are able to live stress free.

From regulatory changes to increased enterprise risk, senior management and corporate directors face an array of complexities to manage the organization.

  • CFO Services

  • Business Process Management

  • Accounting and Compliance Services

  • Strategic Finance Services


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At FinRisk Doctor, we help you by offering advice on improving your financial wellbeing and help by offering customised financial solutions.



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