Debt Management


Debt Management

Borrowing helps you finance your needs be it a house, kid’s education, a car or any specific need including your business. However, the experience of being in debt can be quite overwhelming. Also, if it is not managed properly it causes both financial and mental stress. Further missed EMIs impact your credit score also which has impact on your future borrowing .  Use debt only on need basis provided you have sufficient respurces to pay the instalments on time.

We at FinRisk Doctor help resolve your problem with your debt. 

Our approach is:

Review your debt position

Work out a restructuring plan with lenders

Consolidate debt where possible

Align repayments with your cash inflows

Automate payment mechanisms

There is no quick fix and you need to know that there is always a way out of any kind of debt situation. It may take some time, some hard decisions, some sacrifices. However, if you are consistent and stick to a schedule, you will be able to tide over this difficult situation.

With years of experience,  We at FinRiskDoctor  combine our insights and skills to help you manage your debt proactively. 

In case you have problems in managing your debt, we can help in managing and communicating with your lenders.

We can help to holistically plan your liability payments in tune with your cash flows. 

We’re happy to help, shape and improve the way you structure and manage your finances.


At FinRisk Doctor, we help you by offering advice on improving your financial wellbeing and help by offering customised financial solutions.



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